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Seriously: Melissa Madison Fuller


I think I think

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m thinking. “Is that possible?” I ask myself. I mean, I’m here…all present and accounted for. Who better to have much any idea what is passing the time in my mind. Sometimes I think I’m not noticing anything, I’m a wide open, four lane highway, and all the information driving in from every direction is just passing through me at racing speeds, and all I observe is the roar of the high traffic.

Sometimes I think, I’m not thinking in words like this. I think I’m thinking in sounds, in onomatopoeias, or tones like Thai (I don’t know Thai). Sometimes I know I’m thinking in gestures, armbends and wind, gaudy facial expressions we would all make if we were more open. Like jowling, sometimes instead of thinking, “I’m bored” I think I think “jowling”. Maybe I think in old New Yorker covers, or M.C. Escher never ending flights of stairs. Sometimes I just imagine a tiny person hitchiking along my neurons, actually strolling through my brain, hoping to catch a ride on one of those lightning-speed neural flashes that’s passing by, this little person is wanting to hitchhike a thought, and someday if a thought ever stops to pick up that little person wandering, maybe I’ll know better what I’m thinking. 

At the nashville art crawl, and the next day walking in the park. At the same time.

Being koi


A team of sex and death for sure. Bridesmaids.

Steph and Jacob

Steph and Jacob

I can only remember two days of my life. The day I met you and the day you died. 

Jill Andrews

St. Lucia